Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

“Camper” shall be defined as any person who is properly registered with the Town as a camper at the premises.
“Premises” shall be defined as the Bulwagga Bay RV Park, at 60 Bulwagga Drive and the Champ RV Park, at 54 Dock Lane, both located in, and owned by the Town of Moriah, New York

1. All campers must obey all federal, state, and local laws at all times.

2. Both parties hereby recognize that it is a privilege, not a right to camp at the Bulwagga Bay and Champ Beach RV Parks. Both parties hereby agree to waive any and all lawful process otherwise required by law to remove a camper in violation, or perceived violation of this agreement, or of any camp or beach rules otherwise posted of which camper is otherwise aware, and agree that the Town and the Campground Managers have the exclusive right and responsibility to remove anyone from the premises for any violation, or perceived violation, of any portion of this agreement, or violation or perceived violation of any posted rules or rules of which the camper is otherwise aware.

3. Both parties agree that if the Camper violates this agreement or any rule, or if the Campground Manager perceives he or she has violated any portion of this agreement or any rule, then the Camper agrees to leave the premises immediately upon being requested to do so by the Campground Manager. The Camper acknowledges that by signing this agreement they relieve the Town of any requirement to take any legal action to remove the Camper. The Camper hereby expressly waives any right to eviction proceedings, or any other special proceedings to remove them from the premises. The Camper agrees to leave the premises immediately upon being requested to do so.

4. The Camper agrees to abide by all rules listed herein, and all rules posted on the premises, and all rules provided to him or by the Campground Managers. The Camper acknowledges that he or she has read and received a copy of the campground rules and regulations and, that failure to abide by any rule or term of this agreement may result in his or her immediate removal from the premises.

5. If the Camper is removed from the premises, he or she will not receive a refund of any portion of monies paid to secure the campsite. If removed from the premise, the Camper forfeits payment in full of funds paid to the Town for the site.

6. The Camper agrees he or she is responsible for providing Personal Liability Coverage and Physical Damage Coverage on all property and equipment owned by the Camper, while in and on any and all properties owned by the Town.

7. The Camper agrees that any personal property left on the premises after the Camper has vacated the premises is considered abandoned and hereby gives permission to the Town to dispose of any abandoned property in any way the Town shall see fit. The Town will not reimburse the Camper in any way for abandoned property.

8. The Camper hereby releases Bulwagga Bay RV Park, Champ RV Park and the Town, and all agents, representatives, and employees, from all responsibility for damage to personal property from risks normally associated with camping and outdoor activities, including but not limited to, falling objects, earth movement, natural disasters, flood, vermin, vandalism, theft, animal damage, wind and all-weather related losses. “Personal property” shall include but shall not be limited to campers, automobiles, boats, trailers, watercraft and personal equipment and all belongings in the Camper’s possession, care, custody, or control.


a. The registered Camper assumes all responsibility for all guests visiting their site.
b. All visitors/guests to the campground must sign in at the office before entering the campground.
c. All “Unregistered Campers”, (visitors and guests), must leave the premises no later than 10pm nightly.
d. All visitors agree to abide by all rules listed herein, and all rules posted on the premises, and all rules provide to them by the Campground Manager. Campers acknowledges that failure to abide by any rule or term of this agreement may result in the visitor(s) immediate removal from the premises.
e. The speed limit throughout both parks is 5 miles per hour. Speeding in excess of 5 mph at any time is prohibited.
f. The maximum number of vehicles per site is two (2); however, no site is guaranteed two (2) vehicles. Additional vehicles or vehicles too large to fit on the site must be parked in the storage overflow parking which is available on the premises.
g. No unlicensed/unregistered motor vehicles are allowed on the campground without written permission from the Town. “Motor vehicle” shall be defined by New York State Vehicle and Traffic law and shall include, but not be limited to ATV’s, golf carts, scooters, children’s cars, and lawn mowers. Power wheelchairs and other mobility devices used by disabled Campers are allowed with the permission of the Campground Manager.
h. The maximum number of recreational vehicles or trailers per site is one (1).


a. Firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited on the premises at all times.
b. Littering is prohibited.
c. Alcohol consumption by minors is prohibited.
d. Any Camper or visitor who appears intoxicated, disorderly and/or disruptive, or who violates any of the conditions of this agreement must leave the premises immediately upon request by any agent of the Town.
e. Any Camper who refuses to leave the premises after being requested to do so, for any reason, is considered a trespasser and is subject to arrest by law enforcement officers.
f. Swimming is allowed only in the designated swimming area and only when a lifeguard is on duty. All children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 at all times when swimming.
g. Quiet hours begin at 10:00pm nightly. All children are to remain at their registered site after that time. Bike riding through the campground after dark is unsafe and not permitted.
h. Children 16 and under riding bicycles are required to wear helmets as required by state law.
i. Noise complaints must be addressed to, and will be handled by the Campground Manager. Your cooperation and consideration of others in the campground is appreciated.
j. Do not walk-through other Campers campsites, use only the main roads to navigate the parks.
k. Do not walk or fish in front of lakefront and preferred campsites along the bay or the creek.
l. Never leave music playing on an unattended site.


a. Only one picnic table and one fire ring are supplied per site. Campers shall not damage picnic tables or cover them with any adhesive such as contact paper.
b. Campers are responsible for keeping their site neat and clean. Site ornaments, decorations or improvements must be pre-approved by the Town. Only factory-made canopies and awnings are allowed. Any alterations to sites, shrubbery, trees, or surrounding areas are prohibited. All furnishings must be removed from the site at the end of your stay.
c. The maximum number of vehicles per site is two (2); however, no site is guaranteed two (2) vehicles. Some sites do not have the parking space available to accommodate two (2) vehicles and some vehicles may be too large for the on-site parking. Additional vehicles or vehicles too large to fit on the site must be parked in the storage overflow parking which is available on the premises.
d. No camper shall allow their air conditioner to run when the site is unattended.
e. Each camper is allowed one refrigerator. An additional refrigerator may be added per metered site without restriction on size. Any refrigerators kept outside must be properly and safely wired and the door must be locked at all times. The Town is not responsible for loss of food due to power outage or vandalism.
f. Caution: Extreme water pressure may exist on the premises. Campers are advised to use a pressure reducer.
g. Campfires are not to exceed 2 feet above the top of the fire ring. Campers may burn only untreated wood and shall not burn plastic, garbage, food or other materials unsuitable for campfires. Campers may burn paper only while attempting to properly start a campfire and to maintain it. Burning of household garbage is strictly prohibited!
h. All accelerants including, but not limited to gasoline, kerosene etc. are prohibited from use on campfires.
i. The Campgrounds and the Town assume no responsibility for personal property left anywhere on the premises, including, but not limited to, the campsite, beach, parking areas, pavilion, storage areas, bathrooms, beach house, docks, or boats.


a. All electric bills must be paid in a timely fashion. Meters are read on the last day of the month and the bills are ready on the first day of the month. b. All electric bills are to be paid no later than the 15th of the following month. Consistent late payments may result in your RV being disconnected from the power supply and locked out until full payment is made.
c. Garbage must be disposed of properly. A garbage bag sticker is required on each bag. Campers may purchase stickers at the campground office for $3.00 each, for a maximum 32 gallon bag. Larger bags will require multiple stickers.
d. All blue-boys will be positioned above ground (sitting on top of the ground). This is according to the New York State Department of Health. These containers and all connections can and will be inspected by appropriate town officials. No camper shall dump grey water at any time except at the dump station or by a municipal pump out.
e. Dumping of holding tanks and grey water is permitted only at the dump station. No camper shall dump grey water without a proper discharge hose.
f. A municipal pump out service provided by the Town is available. Pump-outs are done once a week, Mondays at Champ RV Park and Tuesdays at Bulwagga Bay RV Park. A seasonal pump out is also available. Pump outs must be scheduled and paid in full with the campground office prior to your pump out day. Please see the price list page below.


a. Dogs and Cats are allowed on the premises only under the following circumstances. No other pets are allowed on the premises.
All dogs on premises must be registered with the Campground Manager prior to entering the park. Any Camper wishing to have a dog at their site must first provide to the Campground Manager satisfactory proof of the dog’s registration and rabies vaccination certification.
b. Dogs must be leashed at all times. No leash shall exceed 10 feet in length.
c. All dog owners must clean up after their pets by removing and properly disposing of any dog waste.
d. Dogs may not be left unattended at any time.
e. No site may have more than two (2) dogs.
f. Persistent barking will not be tolerated and will result in removal of the animal from the premises.
g. The Town reserves the right to refuse any dogs on the premises for any reason. The Town reserves the right to compel any dog be removed from the premises for any reason without use of any further lawful process, regardless of whe