Kayaking on Lake Champlain

Kayaking on Lake Champlain

Paddling Advice From the Authors of a Lake Champlain Kayaking Guide 


The women’s expeditions over nearly six years informed their 2009 book, A Kayaker’s Guide to Lake Champlain, which was reissued this summer in a new edition. The useful volume interweaves tales of their travels with advice for paddlers, detailed route descriptions for short and long explorations, and thorough information about the human and natural history of the lake.

Frank, 77, and Holden, 82, describe themselves as “somewhat fit, somewhat cautious” paddlers who stay relatively close to shore, not just for safety’s sake but because that’s the best way to enjoy constantly changing views of the lake’s shoreline. The arrival of autumn is no reason to stop exploring, the two women say.

During an in-person interview and in email exchanges, they recommended some of their favorite routes, ready to be explored as the leaves change.

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