Camping Rates

Camping Rates

SEASONAL SITE RATES: (Non-Res) ($50 Deposit) (Resident)

Lakefront $1,977.00 <+ deposit> $1,780.00
Preferred (Bulwagga Bay only) 1,690.00 <+ deposit> 1,521.00
Non-Lakefront 1,591.00 <+ deposit> 1,432.00
Tent (Champ Park Only) 1,092.00 <+ deposit> 983.00

Security Damage Deposit: A $50.00 security deposit will be charged on all seasonal sites and shall be refunded at the end of the camping season pending an inspection of the site by the park manager.

Preferred Sites: Are sites with a water view that are not directly on the lake. (Bulwagga Bay Only) They are: A-29, 30, 30A, / C-36, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43 / and H-1 through H-16.

PLEASE NOTE: The entire seasonal rate must be paid in full prior to admission into the park and before setup.

Short Term / Weekender Sites and Cabins: (Non-Res) (Resident)
Daily Lakefront $ 52.00 $47.00
Non-Lakefront 42.00 38.00
Cabins Weekdays Sun-Wed TBD TBD
Cabins Weekend Thu-Sat TBD TBD
Tent Sites 32.00 – 29.00

Weekly (7 consecutive days from check in)
Lakefront               260.00        234.00  
Non-Lakefront           208.00         186.00
Cabins                  TBD           TBD     
Tent Site              156.00         140.00

Monthly (30 consecutive days from check in)
Lakefront               728.00        655.00
Non-Lakefront           624.00        562.00
Tent Sites              463.00        417.00

-Rates for short term sites include water and electricity. Short term campers MUST buy a refuse disposal sticker

Cabins are at Bulwagga Bay Park, and are not available for long term rental (2 weeks max) Check out is 11am

Seasonal Mid-Season Rates (Non-Res) ($50 Dep) (Resident)
July Lakefront $1,665.00 <+ deposit> $1,499.00
Preferred (Bulwagga Bay Only) 1,196.00 <+ deposit> 1,076.00
Non-Lakefront 1,171.00 <+ deposit> 1,054.00
Tent (Champ Park only) 755.00 <+ deposit> 680.00

Lakefront             $1,248.00  <+ deposit>   1,123.00
Preferred              1,040.00  <+ deposit>   936.00
(Bulwagga Bay Only)         
Non-Lakefront          963.00  <+ deposit>     867.00
Tent                   624.00  <+ deposit>     562.00
(Champ Park only)                  

Lakefront             $728.00   <+ deposit>    655.00
Preferred              702.00   <+ deposit>    632.00
(Bulwagga Bay Only)            
Non-Lakefront          624.00   <+ deposit>    562.00
Tent                   444.00   <+ deposit>    456.00
(Champ Park only)                       


Garbage Removal Garbage stickers are $3.00 each for a 32 gallon bag (max). Sticker is affixed to the outside of the bag and left on site for removal by the campground staff on Mondays.

Electricity: – For seasonal campers, electricity is billed monthly at .25 cents
(30/50 AMP) per kWh. Electricity is included on RV short term sites.
Electricity is not included on tent sites.

Showers: – Are provided to our campers at no charge and are located in
each of the three bath houses.

Septic Pump Outs: – Are available and done by the campground staff every Tuesday.
The as needed rate is $15.00 one hook up/ $20.00 two hook up’s.
A Seasonal rate of $345.00 is also available. This includes one pump out per week on the scheduled pump out day (Tuesday)
Emergency pump outs are available during normal business hours depending on staff availability for: $30.00
A free dumping station is located at the entrance to the park.

Ice: Is available at $_______ for a 5 lb bag or $________ for a 20 lb bag.

Pavilion: – The pavilion can be rented for $50.00 per day which includes a
$20 refundable cleaning deposit.
All reservations for the pavilion are on a “first come – first serve”
basis and must be made with the Campground Manager.

  • Renters of the pavilion must remove their own refuse.
  • Rental hours are from 9am to 9pm.

RV/Vehicle Storage: Vehicles and/or RV’s can be stored in the overflow lot during for (Summer Season) $5.00 per day, $20.00 per week or $80.00 per month.

Winter Storage: – Off (“your”) site storage is $175.00.
(For RV’s Only!) – On (“your”) site storage is $250.00.

  • Your $50.00 refundable security deposit can be applied to storage.
    – Lakefront RV’s are required to be removed and stored in a flood
    safe area of the park.